Paul Andrew is leaving Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo after two years as creative director

The Florentine house of Salvatore Ferragamo announced that Paul Andrew, its creative director, is leaving the house in May, a function he has held since 2019. Andrew took the helm of Salvatore Ferragamo after retaining his women’s luxury shoe brand in 2016. But the British designer decided is to leave the house to look for other professional opportunities.

“I am deeply inspired by the intelligence and technical mastery of Salvatore Ferragamo, the man whose genius he built the company that bears his name today,” notes Andrew in a statement. “I was honored to pass on and give new life to his design heritage and revolutionary innovations. I will always be grateful for this opportunity, proud of the work we have accomplished and encouraged to continue to create with integrity and conviction.

The House’s current creative team will oversee the brand’s fashion direction. Micaela le Divelec Lemmi, Executive Director, stated “Salvatore Ferragamo thanks Paul Andrew for his passion and commitment and for his contribution to improving the position and creative vision of the house.”