Parler is returning to the net after a one-month break due to riots at the Capitol

Parler, a social network for free speech that gained popularity after being used by Donald Trump, the former US president, returned to the network – about a month after it was shut down.

Trump had it before migrated to Parler after Facebook and Twitter suspended his accounts for commenting on violence that hit U.S. Capitol Hill in January.

Google also followed their example removal a social network from his app store for allegedly failing to delete the “obscene content” pushed by Trump.

Although the dust around Google’s removal of Parler has not yet settled, Amazon shut down the social network from its servers on January 10.

The development caused controversy, and Parler initiated a lawsuit against Amazon for failing to give him the necessary notice prior to the execution of the termination.

But according to the New York Times, the social network for freedom of speech, which has more than 15 million users before going offline, returned after a slight moderation to its website.

Checks TheCable Lifestyle on Monday showed that the social network is online again.

It was gathered that Parler would face the difficult task of survival in the coming days after facing other technology giants resulting in his blacklisting.

It was said that his return was due to the rejection of several well-known web hosting companies – which prompted an intense discussion about how the social network managed to get through with hosting on computer servers.

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