Oyo Governor Makinde tried to distribute pandemic relief materials as Christmas presents

Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde began handing out CACOVID palliatives to some believers of his political party as Christmas presents.

CACOVID means a private sector coalition against COVID-19, which was created to support the Nigerian government’s efforts to fight coronavirus. The coalition has bought and given palliatives to state governments to be distributed to Nigerians to alleviate the suffering caused by the blockade caused by the pandemic.

Some viral videos on social media have seen some government agents handing out CACOVID materials to residents as Christmas presents. CACOVID was boldly written on the materials.

Following the development of events, some people condemn the state government on social networks for waiting for the Christmas season to distribute materials.

On Facebook, Abiola Yusuff wrote; “This is a disgrace to all of you who defended it. A Christmas present or palliatives from the CACOVID Foundation? Why has the state of Oyo kept them from July until today?”

Similarly, Ola Ade wrote, “What is written on the bag is CACOVID, not CAXMAS.” Okunade Kehinde wrote, “Confused Government,” while Salami Abiodun wrote, “They have a problem.”

The state government distributed some palliatives during the lockout, and through its local government and supremacy commissioner, Bayo Lawala, denied that the store where some goods were looted by the robbers was a warehouse where the state kept palliatives.

Some blasphemers attacked a private warehouse in Ibadan, taking away bags of rice believed to have been piled up by the government.

Lawal, who is also chairman of the Food Safety and Palliative Affairs Committee of the State OOV Working Group for the State of Oyo, said the state was not supplied with rice as part of CACOVID palliatives and never distributed rice as part of human palliatives. .

He said, “Investigations revealed that there was nothing in that warehouse as far as the Oyo state government was concerned. The warehouse belongs to a private person operating in the state of Oyo, and the Coalition Against COVID-19, a coalition of private organizations that helps states and the federal government fight COVID-19, has been given a valid contract.

“So the rice he procured himself for repackaging was mistakenly replaced by the state of Oyo, which plundered the loot.”

The commissioner said the state government could not accumulate what it did not have, explaining that CACOVID supported the state with cash, medical products and food products, including noodles and spaghetti.