Ortom files a petition to launch the IGP assassination, assigning Adam an investigation

Benue Governor Samuel Ortom on Wednesday officially presented a petition to Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu about the assassination attempt on Saturday.

PUNCH learned that the governor had presented the petition to the police chief at an early morning meeting the two of them had in Abuja.

Recall that Ortom and his aides were attacked on Saturday on their way to his farm along the Makurdi-Gboko road.

The governor, while recounting his ordeal during the Thanksgiving service on Sunday, said he ran one mile to avoid the assassination.

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The group, the Fulani Nationality Movement, claimed responsibility for the attack, fueling calls by groups and individuals to national security agencies to unmask the people behind the group and bring them to the reserves.

But the Nigerian police force and the Civil Service Department have so far kept Mom on calls.

Our correspondent learned that after the governor met with the president on Tuesday, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (withdrawn) and officially informed him of the incident, he decided to meet with the IGP as well.

A source close to the governor said, “Yes, the governor met with the IGP earlier today (Wednesday) to officially report the incident to him.

“Of course, we know that the IGP is already aware of the incident. He has even ordered an investigation earlier, but we do not ignore the fact that a formal complaint must be filed with the police when a crime is committed.

“That is why His Excellency decided today (Wednesday) to file a formal complaint with the IGP after meeting with the president on Tuesday.

“It was a sign that the governor trusted the police to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.”

When contacted by telephone, public relations officer Frank Mba confirmed that the governor and the IGP had met in Abuja.

Mba, the police commissioner, said, “It is true that Governor Samuel Ortom and IGP Adam met this morning (Wednesday) in Abuja.

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“The governor came to the meeting with a formal petition on the incident, which he submitted to the IGP.

“IGP urgently treated Adam’s petition. He ordered the Deputy Inspector General of Police, in charge of the Intelligence Bureau of the Forces, Tijani Baba, to continue the investigation on that issue.

“You know that we (the police) have already started to address this issue even before the governor has submitted a petition.”

Asked if any arrests had been made in connection with the attack on the governor, FPRO said, “Not to my knowledge. If there is (arrest), I should know. ”

Earlier, Ortom himself shared a photo of himself and IGP on his official Twitter handle with the caption “Earlier today with PoliceNG IG Mohammed Adamu after the meeting in Abuja.”

The herders took up arms because no one listened to their complaints – Tires

In other news, Islamic cleric Ahmad Gumi said on Wednesday that bandits would not be provided with security and rehabilitation, that they would not surrender.

Gumi, who said this during a virtual event on Nigerian security challenges organized by the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies, said the herders took up arms when no one heard their complaints.

The priest said there was no reason why the government should not talk to the bandits who were willing to negotiate.

Gumi said, “No one can justify crime. What we are saying is what we have seen in the forest that an ethnic war is going on between the people in the forest and the neighboring villages and hamlets. When the herdsman felt that he had complaints and that no one was listening to him, he took up arms.

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“So, when we went there and saw the ear listening, they were ready to negotiate, tell us their complaints and ready to get involved in society. So, in that case, I see no reason why we should not have a dialogue with them.

Gumi said that if the bandits are not shown that they will be safe when they integrate into society, they will not give up their weapons.

He said, “Looking at their educational status, they have no formal or informal education. How can a nation that is serious about security leave a part of its society so uneducated, left to arms and drugs? I don’t think society is serious. How can we disperse them, rehabilitate them because they hold hands to protect themselves.

“If you don’t show them that they are safe in the wider society, there is no chance that they will leave their weapons. And that’s why we asked for an amnesty for them, just like we had in the Niger Delta.

“I do not justify their abduction. What they are doing is criminal. But their kidnapping is to get more money to buy more weapons so they can protect themselves. ”

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