Orlu Raid: Uzodinma tries to kill its people by calling the army to Imo – Ezeife, former governor of Anambra

The Governor of the Third Republic of the State of Anambra, dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, condemned air and ground attacks by military forces in the state of Orel in the state of Imo.

Ezeife condemned the Nigerian government for sending troops to kill and arrest indefensible citizens, and accused the governor of the state, Imo Hope Uzondinma, of allegedly calling on the army to torture the people he claimed to be leading.

Ezeife said that in an exclusive interview for SaharaReporters on Tuesday after the recent military raids in Orlu.

The Nigerian military acknowledged air strikes and ground attacks on Tuesday in search of members of the Eastern Security Network and the indigenous people of Biafra.

Reacting to the raid, Ezeife said, “Many of us from the southeast are tired of talking about the problems in this part of the country. It is as if the federal government does not want the southeast to belong to Nigeria.

“It seems that the federal government is the biggest actor considering the disintegration of Nigeria. How do you understand air bombardments and ground attacks on civilians who have done nothing illegal? It is not news that all types of military personnel and security agents have been used against the southeast. We were denied projects and meetings across the country. There are policies and a ‘Pull Igbo Down’ policy out of the federal government. ”

He also said: “It is so obvious if you go and hold a referendum in the southeast on whether or not to stay in Nigeria, you will find an increase in those who say they do not stay. And some of us who are talking about a Nigeria look more and more like fools because the federal government is not giving in by adopting an isolationist policy against Igba. “

The senior statesman resented Governor Imo for calling the army into the region.

Uzodinma said, “That is why our government has decided to call on the army to expel IPOB and their so-called ESN.” We discovered that there was a camp that IPOB had set up in Umutanze, Orel, and we sent police to displace them. “

Ezeife said, “I don’t know what things are going on in the state of Imo for Uzondinma to utter that statement that he called for an army raid in Orlu. I don’t know how the current leadership in Im was formed. I was shocked to read that the governor was aware of the federal government’s attack on innocent lives.

“What’s worse than that?” Maybe he is just hiding from the federal government, saying that he called in the military forces. If he did that, he cannot be the leader of the people. It means he’s trying to kill the people he’s leading.

“I really don’t know what to talk about, because all forms of humiliation, denial, exclusion and marginalization in the system are aimed at the Southeast region.”

Speaking about the anxiety of the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Khan, to see the realization of Biafra, Ezeife remarked, “As for Kanu, some of us do not want to leave Nigeria. And some of us believe that no group, be it Fulani, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo or any other group in the country, benefits from the breakup of Nigeria.

“How do we go when it breaks down?” Carry your property and live where? We, Igbo, need a lot of space. We are expanding and doing business, and Nigeria is suitable for that.

“Young people who talk about Biafra react to the problems that the federal government has posed to the Southeast. But we seniors have seen this problem and think it will be over. It is better for us to be in Nigeria in the long run than to be in one tiny place.

“We are in trouble, but we do not want the disintegration of Nigeria. One of the good things that has happened is when the northern governors adopt legality regarding the issue of cattle breeders. They have adopted a ban on open grazing, and this gives hope that we can survive in the country if we think honestly about others. ”