Oppo works on an extended smartphone with a flexible screen

LetsGoDigital has uncovered some documents suggesting that Oppo is working on a smartphone with a growing screen that could be co-branded with American fashion designer Tom Ford.

The device expands vertically and has a futuristic pull-out display. The device appears to be at an advanced stage of design, and appears to be aimed at women, with a place to attach the drawstring, popular with women in Asia.

At the back, there is a triple camera system with a hidden flash, and it features a metal frame, a wooden bead with fabric and leather accents.

There may be a secondary screen on the back, exposed when you pull out the screen, which can be used to take a selfie, as there appears to be no front camera.

As mentioned earlier, the device seems to be in an advanced design phase, and may be a joint brand with Shakira. Of course, it is not clear whether and when it will hit the market.