OPPO demonstrates its wireless air charging technology that releases the charge into the air

In late January, Xiaomi introduced its Mi Air Charge technology, which simultaneously charges multiple devices without the need for cables or a wireless charging cradle. Now OPPO has announced something similar with its wireless air charging technology. Yes, we are moving towards the future of wireless charging without wires.

At the MWC in Shanghai, OPPO took the stage to present its OPPO X 2021 concept phone with the new OPPO wireless air charging technology. This technology can deliver up to 7.5 W of charging power without cables or charging cradle.

OPPO’s wireless airborne charging technology uses magnetic resonance technology. Allows your device to start charging as soon as it is 10 cm away from the charging mat. The only good side of this technology is that you can use the device while it is charging wirelessly from 7.5 W. In contrast, Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge technology works even when the phone is a few meters away. However, it will probably take years to reach mass markets.

The company also referred to its OPPO X 2021 concept. It said OPPO has filed 122 individual new patents, including 12 relating to a completely new rotatable mechanism. The smartphone uses OPPO’s proprietary laminate Warp Track screen technology, which creates a screen that evolves like a caterpillar. Therefore, it does not create any creases.

OPPO uses a specially developed pulley motor drive assembly on the OPPO X 2021. It uses two drive motors for smooth extraction and retraction without too much stress on the premium display. The smartphone is advertised to use two sliding panels to support the screen whether it is retracted or completely unwound. There is also a dynamic frame that strengthens the entire device.

Prakhar Khanna

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