OnePlus 9 Pro customers are already reporting overheating issues

OnePlus 9 Pro review showing the phone

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android authority

  • Several OnePlus 9 Pro customers face problems with overheating of their phones.
  • Most people report that the device heats up while using the camera app.
  • Some even have problems with overheating during setup and charging.

Extremely hot, the OnePlus 9 Pro already faces some problems when used, it seems. Several new phone owners are reporting cases of overheating. Complaints were noted on Twitter as well as the OnePlus forum thread.

Many users say their phone heats up while using the camera app. One user, in particular, tried to capture a 4K clip at 60 frames per second, but was able to get the footage worth a minute due to overheating. The other owner of the OnePlus 9 Pro could not even paint in sunlight due to overheating problems.

OnePlus 9 Pro overheats complaints from Twitter

In such situations, a phone overheating warning appears, which automatically blocks some functions such as the camera application.

Some OnePlus 9 Pro owners also notice a problem while charging their phones. In Amazon India, more verified customers reported similar problems. One of them said that their OnePlus 9 Pro started displaying an overheating warning before they even managed to finish setting up the phone.

In some cases, overheating problems also result in severe battery discharge.

It is unclear what causes this problem and whether it affects only a small number of units or is a more widespread problem. OnePlus could issue a repair via OTA upgrade if overheating occurs due to some software error. However, the company has not yet officially acknowledged the matter.

Are you the new owner of OnePlus 9 Pro facing overheating problems? If so, describe your problem in the comments section below.