One fantastic four heroes just came out in the flames of glory

As Knull’s attack on Earth continues, Spider-Man finds himself in a dangerous situation when the main character sacrifices himself in King in Black # 2.

WARNING: The following is a spoiler for King in Black # 2 by Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, Frank Martin and Clayton Cowles of VC, which are now on sale.

The arrival of the symbiote god Knull on Earth was devastating, distorting the inhabitants of Earth and the planet itself into twisted and wicked versions of their former selves. Not even Eddie Brock had a chance, now his other half was deprived and the dark god of symbiotes left him dead.

However, he has a friendly Spider-Man neighborhood watching over him. I u The king in black # 2, Spider-Man has his personal savior waiting on the wings of Johnny Storm.

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Spider-Man, the People's Torch King and Black

After Knull ripped the symbiote Venom from Eddie Brock, Eddie fell hundreds of feet to the ground, ricocheting off construction hips and fiery stairs like a human pinball machine. Broken and on the verge of death’s door, Eddie can barely make a final request when Peter Parker shows up to try to save him, otherwise the merry Avenger and himself can only scream for help. A small army of heroes, now controlled by Knull, triggered Peter’s spider feeling and he narrowly avoids being carried out by one of Cyclops ’optical explosions. Before attempting to try to escape, Peter notices one of his oldest friends and rivals and one person who could save his skins in the Human Torch.

Johnny Storm flies down, telling Peter to take Eddie to the Fantastic Four lab as soon as possible. Peter warns his friend that the fire doesn’t hurt these symbiotes like the others, but the Fantastic Four veteran isn’t worried, not knowing that his new flame won’t harm the people ruled by Knull’s living darkness. Peter begs Johnny to go with them, but the only thing that worries him is to buy them enough time to escape and make sure Peter makes him look good when he tells everyone else what happened. Before Peter can argue further, Johnny illuminates things as much as he can, sacrificing himself in the whirlpool of hell that swallows their attackers and forces Peter and Eddie to hurry.

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The king in the black human Spider-Man torch

Johnny’s new flame is nothing new, considering it’s a literal move by the character and this isn’t the first time readers have seen him as the ultimate refuge. To save Franklin Richards and Ben Grimm, Johnny was famous when the supernova bounced off a mass hoard of Annihilus insectoid soldiers, and as a result in 2011 he found himself trapped in a negative zone under their claws. Fantastic Four # 587, Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting. This heroic sacrifice in the flames of glory taking place for the second time, again with Johnny fully aware of his impending vulnerability and capture, is more than a mere return to the classic comic book moment.

While the Torch will likely be a member of Knull’s army the next time it appears, this was nonetheless a great reminder of how bright the Torch can shine among its peers.

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