Okorocha will face protests in Igboland – Igbo youth

Written by Chinonso Alozie, Owerri

A coalition of Southeast European youth leaders yesterday called on Senator Rochas Okorochu, who represents the western Senate district of Imo, to give up inciting violence in the state of Imo or prepare for a fierce protest against his behavior.

The youth leaders spoke to reporters in Owerri, through Goodluck Ibem, along with other youth leaders.

According to them, the depiction of Okorocaha, by seizing the state, the sealed property of the royal spring palm caused destabilization and destruction of the state.

Ibem said: “Our decision to summon the former governor soon, in February, via Owerri’s peaceful protest against his recklessly corrupt practices while he was governor of Imo which led to a reasonable impoverishment of the Imolites, hence a significant increase in insecurity in Imo , should serve as a warning to all Igbo corrupt politicians.

“All such destructive and destabilizing attitudes and intrigues must definitely end or we will stop the promoters of such an unhealthy and divided culture.” Our main interest lies in the holistic security of the whole, no more, no less!

“At this moment, we want to categorically state that the failure to adopt the above-mentioned demands will lead to an unpredictable reaction of the young Southeast. We have clear plans, they should not be published to anyone.

“But if we do not comply with our legitimate demands, it will be necessary to introduce our plans. Plans that would not be good for anyone, especially for those who are looking for our trouble. It is high time for the young to rise up to secure all Igbo territories. No part of Igbo’s land, not even a square meter, would be ceded to anyone. “

“Finally, we must commend the efforts of Imo State Capacity Governor Senator Hope Uzodimm. Lying uncomfortably on his crown-wearing head, we can understand how difficult and challenging the whole ugly situation must have been for him, but so far he has worked diligently to ensure a quick and final solution to the crisis. Your Excellency, we commend you and charge you for more efforts.

“We are firmly behind all the moves that will see the end of this nightmare. Be focused, sir, do not be distracted by the evil plot of the slanderer. We are fully aware of your noble efforts to lure the Imo state out of the lull you have found, through your “triple R” mandate to recover, rebuild and rebuild the Imo state, “said the leaders of the young southeast.

Other youth leaders at the meeting included; Igbo Youth Assembly, Okey Uche, Southeast Nigeria Students, Silas Obinna, Igbo Youth Parliament, DC Ike, Southern Nigeria Youth Assembly, Gnocchi Moses, Igbo World Roundtable, One Nwachukwu, Youth Association Against Crime in Eastern Communities, Ibekwe Amaka among others .

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