Ogun Land Grabbers killed a housewife, a motorcyclist for rituals

The Ogun State Police Command has arrested five suspected kidnappers involved in the kidnapping and murder of housewife Memunat Akinda and Okada rider (commercial motorcyclist) Ibikunla Ajose, in the Idoleyin community in the state of Ado Ota state.

Police also found the skull of Akinde, who was abducted by suspects and taken to a herbalist’s house for ritual purposes, before being slaughtered at the shrine.

According to police, the suspects: Okediran Monsuru, Ajaoba on Monday, Akewusola Wajud, Nupo Pona and Dasu Sunday are all in custody, while a serious chase has been launched for their main mastermind in the escape and plunder of the country, simply known as Lebo.

A press release from state police command spokeswoman DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi said the sudden disappearance of 45-year-old housewife Akinda and motorcyclist Ajose with her forced her husband to report it to police.

Police said, “The duo disappeared on October 1, 2020, when a woman, who was a fishmonger, left her house in the Idoleyin area for a nearby market on purpose to buy fish and contacted a motorcyclist to take her to the said market. But surprisingly, they have both never returned home since

“That led the woman’s wife to file a complaint at the police station. The case was later transferred to the Anti-Kidnapping Unit of the State Department of Criminal and Intelligence.

“The team began an investigation and their efforts paid off when one of the suspects, Okediran Monsuru, was found near Badagry and taken into custody. His arrest led to the arrest of three others, namely Ajaoba Monday, Akewusola Wajud and Nupo Pona.

“The four of them admitted that they worked for the infamous plunder of the country, which they simply identified as Leba. They said the two victims crossed the road in the village of Abisoye, where they were abducted and taken to an unfinished building in a bushy area, tied up their arms and legs, and later called their principal and informed him they had managed to get two victims. “

Police said the suspects further admitted that when Lebo arrived, he ordered them to slaughter two victims.

“After killing them, the fifth suspect, Dasu Sunday, who is a herbalist, was called, and upon his arrival, the two victims were cut into pieces and placed in a bag brought by a herbalist who took parts for a money-making ritual.

“The woman’s head was found in the sanctuary of the herbalists. All five suspects are in police custody, while a serious search has been launched for their fugitive director. The police commissioner ordered that the arrested suspects be indicted in court without further delay, while the remaining ones will be hunted and hunted. “