Ogun Govt suspends carnivals, full of crossbreeding services – TV channels

Photo of the file of the Governor of the State of Ogun, Dapo Abioduna. Photo: [email protected]

The government of the state of Ogun has introduced new restrictions by suspending street carnivals, crowded crossing services, entertainment and similar gatherings in the state.

All religious and worship centers are required not to exceed 50 percent of their capacity and must comply with all COVID-19 protocols.

This, according to State Governor Dapa Abiodun, is part of measures and guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19 infections during the Yuletida celebration.

To stop the spread of the second wave of the virus, Governor Abiodun advised that “there should be no gathering of more than 50 people at any event or ceremony, such as conferences, congresses, office events, concerts, seminars, sports activities, passing nights, parties at the end years, weddings, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, street carnivals, etc. till further notice “.

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The governor also ordered all civil servants and other government employees in the state to continue on the Christmas and New Year holidays from Thursday, December 24 to January 4, 2021.

Schools in the state should remain closed until January 18, 2021, while all bars, nightclubs, pubs and event centers, recreation centers in the state are also closed indefinitely.

The Governor further ordered that all markets be opened strictly between 8:00 and 16:00, while maintaining social distance and respecting all COVID-19 protocols, including the use of a face mask, hand disinfection and / or hand washing equipment at all strategic locations within their shopping malls, stores, business premises, etc.

He also urged carriers not to carry passengers above 50 percent of their capacity, in line with social distancing rules.

Below, find the complete directives issued in the state after the meeting between the state government and the religious leaders from the League of Imams and the Christian Association of Nigeria, as well as the community leaders.

AAll worship activities must respect no more than 50 percent of the capacity.

All members of the congregation must wear face masks in an appropriate manner (that is, without a face mask, without entering).

There should be reliable sources of running water.

Worship centers should be properly cleaned and disinfected before and after the service.

The household bleach solution should be properly prepared for disinfection.

Appropriate security and supervision of multiple Veronica handwashing buckets should be provided (fully automated handwashers are preferred).

An alcohol-based disinfectant should be provided, which must be used before and at intervals of every 20 minutes, as well as after servicing.

The worship center should have appropriate toilets with water.

The most important thing for Muslims is to perform ablution at home and go to the mosque with their personal rugs.

Qualified medical workers or trained staff should check the temperature of believers with an infrared thermometer before allowing them to enter worship centers.

Appropriate medical support for sick people should be provided.

All services on Fridays / Sundays and other working days must strictly adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines.

There should be a predetermined standing position / seating points to ensure a distance of at least 2 meters.

The duration of religious services should not exceed one hour. In addition, the same duration must be observed at intervals, if there are several services.

The use of air conditioners should not be discouraged, and worship centers should be well ventilated with the use of fans.

Devotees should not have handshakes / hugs.

Appropriate awareness of the sensitivity of the elderly and people with signs of ill health should be adequately created among believers at all times.

The constant sensitization of COVID-19 and its dangers should be included in the messages of preaching and goodwill.

The provision of isolation rooms is mandatory in all worship centers or facilities.

Religious services and events should be filmed with a digital camera for recording

The government will not hesitate to impose severe sanctions (including, but not limited to, locking) on ​​any worship center that does not adhere to established guidelines.

No social gathering may exceed 200 people, while at such gatherings 2 meters of social distance must be respected.

Disposable items should be used during Holy Communion instead of sharing cups.