Oddworld: Soulstorm – How to get all the platinum badges Ruins

Each level in Strange World: Soulstorm there are badges, and we’ll make them all platinum. You’ll find extensive guides explaining how to fill out each Badge – from destroying crates, to finding all the secret areas and collectibles with royal jelly. Level 2 contains some pretty insane challenges, including the challenge of “catching” enemy Sligs. What does that even mean? We will explain.

At level 2, Abe and his friends Mudokoni must escape the forces of the Magog cartel. These corporate bullies are shooting at Abe, and you’ll have to deal with the deadly Sligs to escape. Abe has several tools under his command – you can use your Chant ability to own Sligs, forcing them to shoot at each other, or you can use fire and IED to stun your tits. A lot more is happening at level 2, so let’s get started.

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How to get to the destroyers: You must destroy 35 items. Break the containers that contain the beer bottles every time you come across them. There are a lot! Just keep breaking and you will easily get it.

How to get SLIG APPREHENDER: You need to catch – bind – 50 slides. It’s not easy! To tie a Slig, you need to knock them out (or sneak up on them while they sleep) and pocket them. Take Tape and you can tie them. By typing [L2] you can also stun skates instead of killing them. You can also use IED bombs for stunning – you need to stun and tie 50/86, so aim for as many of them as possible.

  • NOTE: During the final sequence in which you must defend the Mudocons, place a mine-like IED on all platforms on which the Sligs spawn. Pickpocket and tie them up before they disappear. You’ll have to move fast, but it’s not too hard when you figure it out.

To unlock EXPLORER i HIDDEN HELP, go to the locations below.

Royal Jelly # 1: On your first encounter with Slig stealth you will find this jelly to the right of the sleeping slig.

Find the secret room through this hidden path.

Royal Jelly # 2 + Secret # 1: Under the first encounter, get down and roll under the floor to find the secret door that contains royal jelly.

Royal Jelly # 3: In a large concealed area with four sliders and an anti-chant device, descend to the very bottom of the level.

Royal Jelly # 4 + Secret 2: Fight through a zigzag room guarded by four slides. You will need to shoot (or carefully knock out) each slig. Immediately after rolling down the narrow path, jump directly to the hidden platform.

Royal Jelly # 5 + Secret # 3: Past the corner of the scene, clear the debris around the mines and climb up. Next you will come to an area with green beer, two skates and two visible jellies on the right. To get the bottom jelly, clean the two sliders to reach it.

Use a cooking bottle to burn the wooden wall.

Royal Jelly # 6 + Secret # 4: Right after the corner scene with Alpha yelling at you, get down and use a cooking bottle to burn the wooden wall. On the other hand, there is royal jelly.

Royal Jelly # 7: In the area with the skates that pin your group of mudocons, you have to beat the slig below (and on the right) by keeping this collector’s jelly. Shoot him and grab him with an obsessed slide.

How to reach a savior: To save 150 Mudocons, you must prevent the Sligs from killing the Mudocons at the end of the level. Use IED containers to place bombs on the protrusions on which the Sligs spawn to stun them – quickly tie them up and pocket them for the tape you need. If you’re fast, this is just as easy a method as singing.

Abe has not yet come out of the fire. The next level forces you to avoid incoming mortars from the bottom – and that includes a constant supply of new Sligs. And we haven’t even reached the main game yet!