NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver results, summary, ratings: Amazing Night 1 with new champions sets the bar high

Not to be missed are the high expectations that come with any card considering the NXT TakeOver branding, but any professional wrestling fan would find it hard to say that the first night of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver on Wednesday was anything but amazing. The first of a two-year event, the map saw some of the best matches played in the wrestling ring this year with three outstanding championship fights and great drama.

In the main event, Io Shirai and Raquel Gonzalez fought over Shirai’s women’s championship. Earlier in the night, WALTER put their NXT UK championship on the line against Tommaso Ciampa, plus MSK, Grizzled Young Veterans and Legado Del Fantasma fought for vacant team team titles. While the main event was certainly delivered, it was the other two title matches that stole the show, with both earning a place on the early match lists of the year.

Continue reading the full range of results and ratings from the first night of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. Scroll afterwards for a significant set of highlighted events.

CBS Sports returns Thursday night, to broadcast live Night 2 events. Our wrestling continues over the weekend with WWE WrestleMania 37 on Saturday and Sunday.

NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver results, Night 1

Zoey Stark vs. Tony Storm (pre-show): Stark continued to impress as she had in a series of matches with stop stars, hitting a few nice early moves, including a nice springboard bounce. Storm took over the match after a strong start, using some power foul with striking suplexes and a body straw, but before she could capitalize, Stark hit the superplex from another rope to start the comeback. Half-Nelson’s suplex set the running knee for the first convincing recent fall of the match. Stark continued to hold the pressure until Storm hit a series of German suplexes before heading for Storm Zero, which Stark awkwardly opposed in a small package to win. The match was not spectacular, but it was solid enough to start the match. However, the finish was awkward and awkward, leaving a bit of a bottom note for everything that came before. Zoey Stark def. Toni Storm via punch – Rating: C +

Pete Dunne Kushida: The exchange of attempts to apply opened the match as they both tried early to establish their technical superiority. Kushida had a small edge in the catch until the action spilled out where Dunne hit the X-plex on the apron ring. Dunne brutally briefly followed Kushida’s arm, but Kushida shot and ran along the length of the entrance ramp to kick. After an exchange of strikes, Dunne returned to work on Kushida’s hand – and fingers -.

The action continued to flow back and forth, and Dunne’s aggression was met by Kushida’s punch for punch. Kushida hit the superplex as he held the Hoverboard Lock, switching to the arbor, but Dunne managed to set foot on the ropes for a break. Kushida continued to walk toward Dunne’s arms, locking another Hoverboard lock, then switching his arms as Dunne reached for the ropes. Dunne returned with his fingers, softening Kushida for a header and Bitter End to bring the match to an end. Just a fantastic combination of brutality and technique of both men. The kind of high-level wrestling you’d expect to see Dunne vs. Kushida listed on the card. Pete Dunne def. Kushida through the fall. Rating: A-

Leon Ruff vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Bronson Reed vs. Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis vs. LA Knight (North American Championship Gauntlet Eliminator): Scott jumped with Ruff before the match, taking the lead early when they were the top two. Ruff eventually hit the cutter on Scott, bouncing off the announcement table to hit the move. That wasn’t enough to keep Scott on as he continued to hit Ruff with big strokes until Ruff countered with a top rope bomb into the wound before Reed entered the match. Reed went wild until he hit a double German suplex on Scott and Ruff. Grimes entered the match and paid off Scott which helped him move towards the other competitors. During Lumis’ entrance, Scott was able to quickly pin Ruff out of the match. Lumis was delivering suplex after suplex until he ran into Reed with two big men exchanging strikes, and neither got the advantage. Knight came in as the final player of the match and soon pinned Lumis while Lumis had Grimes lock in Silence. Reed eliminated Knight a few moments after the send-off, leaving Scott, Reed and Grimes as the final three in the match.

Grimes and Scott teamed up against Reed, but Reed shrugged the blows of both until the interim alliance fell apart and Scott wrapped Grimes with a handful of leggings – reversing Grimes’ own attempt to catch Scott’s leggings in the pin – for elimination. Reed went to the top rope, but Scott caught him with a punch, then slammed Reed from the top rope onto the apron ring. Scott followed with 450 splashes for almost a drop. Reed shot through the trio of Scott’s House Call punches before hitting Tsunami for the win. The early stages of the match receded a bit, which is not uncommon for a glove-style match where you wait for more participants to really move, but through the move things became very fun. Reed is a great choice for the winner and his match with Johnny Gargan next night will be good. Bronson Reed won in the backseat, last pinning Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. Rating: B +

NXT UK Championship – WALTER (c) v Tommaso Ciampa: Ciampa tried early to try to neutralize WALTER’s power, but eventually snapped and shoved WALTER with a rush of punches. This only angered the champion, leading him to a series of titanium chops. WALTER tried to deliver another chop while Ciampa was leaning against the announcement table, but Ciampa got out of the way, causing WALTER to cut part of the table. Ciampa tried to use WALTER’s now injured arm, but ran into a large boot. When WALTER had trouble locking the submissions because he couldn’t use any force in his grip, he resorted to taking even bigger punches to Ciampa’s face. Ciampa was delivering a clothesline, trying to take WALTER off his feet, sending the champion stumbling before he fell into the ropes where Ciampa’s laces continued until WALTER delivered the chop. Ciampa immediately returned with another clothesline, finally driving WALTER to the mat. After another rush of insult, Ciampa almost fell into Bajka’s neighborhood.

WALTER returned with an attempt to suffocate before the German suplex and lariat for two numbers. Ciampa continued his incredible performance, undermining WALTER with strikes and forcing the big man to bow down. Another strike exchange followed shortly after, before WALTER focused on Ciampa’s neck with a series of trampling and bombing, which again resulted in an almost fall. Walter hit another suplex and a big cut, this time bringing Ciampa down for a three, retaining the title. A brilliantly put together match with the simplest wrestling staples: taking away the best weapon from a guy. Once WALTER couldn’t deliver his chops, Ciampa had a chance to go wild. Incredibly close to falls, brutality and drama. This is an early leader for Match of Week, even with as many great matches as NXT and WWE have. WALTER def. Tommaso Ciampa retained the title via pinfall. Grade: A

Mark a team championship – MSK vs. Grizzled Young Veterans Vs. Legado Del Fantasma: This match was for the vacant title. Pure fire from the jump as everyone in the match flies around the ring at full speed. Every team in the match was given early places to shit, with Grizzled Young Veterans starting the action early before MSK took power and Legado del Fantasma finally took control with simultaneous dives, followed by a pair of Van Terminators (no chair) on Nash Carter close to fall. Legado continued a series of controls continuing the fight with Carter until he finally tagged Wes Lee, who took all four from the other teams before a huge dive and a series of kickbacks to Pele’s kick in the back. the head of James Drake.

Zack Gibson finally got involved in removing Lee, holding his hand in the mat so that Drake could already hand over his hand. Gibson locked Lee’s hand and Lee was ready to tap until Carter managed to slip through Drake’s throttle to grab his partner’s hand. Things broke down at GYV against MSK, Lee hit a double cutter and then a twisted hit, while Carter picked up Gibson to score and take the titles home. This match has never slowed down for a second, setting a completely different tone than anything else on the show so far. The spectacular night for NXT continued here with another match that simply provided. MSK def. Gray young veterans (through the fall) and Legado Del Fantasma for winning vacant titles. Grade: A

Women’s Championship – Io Shirai (c) v Raquel Gonzalez: Gonzalez used his power early on, forcing Shirai to resort to smooth defensive maneuvers and speed, hitting the wound and taking the fight to Gonzalez in the corner. Gonzalez grabbed Shirai’s gait and tried to reverse the swing, but found herself outside, knocked to the floor after the Shirai asai moonsault. Gonzalez finally managed to slow down the champion by driving her into the ring pole before returning to the ring where she began throwing Shirai around the ring.

Whenever Gonzalez Shiraija seemed to be on the defensive, the champion would find a way to counter and launch his own attack with a big hit, including Code Red for a near drop. Gonzalez caught Shirai on the top rope and tried to walk to the center of the choking ring, but Shirai managed to counter and roll into the transverse surface, forcing Gonzalez to crawl to the escape ropes. Shirai started moving the moon from the upper rope to the entrance ramp. Shirai wandered out of the ring before appearing on top of the giant skull that formed the set background on the ramp, striking the diving cross body at Gonzalez.

Gonzalez refused to stay down, came back to hit the choke outside the ring and threw in the champion for an almost fall. Moments later, Gonzalez managed to hit the big lariat and then another cokeslam to score punches and win the belt. This was solid, though not entirely by the standards set in the rest of the show. It’s not exactly fair to measure this match, but in the pantheon of NXT’s great women’s matches it’s not exactly the highest. Raquel Gonzalez def. Io Shirai won the title via pinfall. Grade: B