Notre Dame Cathedral hosts the first concert since the fire

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris hosted its first concert on Saturday since the devastating fire that damaged the building nearly 18 months ago.

The concert, which was recorded, featured 20 singers, a solo soprano, a violinist and a rental organ. The presentation is scheduled to air on Christmas Eve, the Associated Press reported.

The artists remained socially distant during the performance to adhere to the COVID-19 safety precautions required by France indoors.

In a statement to the AP, the diocese classified the presentation as a “highly symbolic concert” that was “marked by emotion and hope” and a celebration of a “musical heritage that dates back to the Middle Ages”.

Notre Dame typically gives 60 concerts throughout the year, although the church has maintained its normal schedule since the fire in April 2019.

The disastrous fire consumed the cathedral’s roof and destroyed its tower. He also damaged the church’s 8,000-pipe organ, which will be cleaned for the next four years, but is expected to be functioning again one day, ABC reported in August.

Earlier this month, the church was stabilized and workers were able to start some repairs to the building.