Nokia 5.4 has appeared in stores in Sweden

Nokia 5.4 is the latest mid-range phone produced by Nokia Mobile that was announced in mid-December 2020. The phone can already be found in the hands of reviewers, but also in some web stores, which means that the price is revealed in local markets. In Sweden, people will be able to order a 4/64 GB version of Nokia 5.4 in purple (twilight) for SEK 2390 from 15 January. At this price, which is around € 235, the Nokia 5.4 looks a bit more expensive as the announced price is set at € 189. In case you opt for Nokia 5.4, the phone will be available after January 21, when it will be available in stores.

The new Nokia 5 looks interesting because it comes with a probably capable 48MP main camera (the sensor is most likely borrowed from Nokia 7.2), a 4000 mAh battery, a 6.39-inch screen from Nokia 3.4 and a relatively new SD 662 processor, but the price is € 220 it seems too much to me. Well, the design and build quality of the phone looks great, as seen in the first unpacked video, but the lack of 5GHz WiFi spectrum, BT 4.2 and that same old 10W charger just stings my eyes.

Anyway, this Nokia smartphone could really be the fastest ever launched on the market, which is commendable. It seems that Nokia Mobile has finally worked on the logistics or simply had enough time to produce it in large quantities and launch the phone when it is ready to ship, which is also a good tactic.

Check the link of the store in Sweden to find out more details about the offer.