Nojimu dominates the Maiden Vbank-Ebar Snooker tournament

Waliu Wale Nojimu became the winner of the first edition of the Vbank E-Bar snooker tournament held last Sunday.

The winner smiled home with a total of N320,000 – more than double the promised money.

Also, the first and second place went to Samuel Olumide and Dafe Agbach, both of whom won N220,000 and N85,000 cash prizes, respectively.

The tournament, sponsored by VBank, Nigeria’s most prominent digital bank, was held at E-Bar Metro on the Admiralty Way in Lagos and featured 30 players.

It started with a draw that created candidates on Friday, while the real matches started the next day for players aiming for the grand prize.

According to event sponsors, snooker is a developmental game to be encouraged.

“Snooker is not just a fun sport. It can teach the mind to focus and build determination that becomes useful in all aspects of life.

“As an organization, we identify with sports in general because of the inherent physical and mental benefits it provides to players, as well as the community it nurtures even among the audience of complete strangers,” Azubike Emodi, CEO of VFD Microfinance Bank, said.

After a round of 32 games played at the opening, 16 players moved to the knockout phase on Sunday, leading to the appearance of three finalists – Wali Wale Nojimu, Samuel Olumide and Dafe Agbah

The finalists were initially promised 150,000, N100,000 and N50,000 for the first, second and third positions, respectively.

However, the audience was delighted with the quality of the game, which donated additional money to each finalist.

The organizers hope that this will be a recurring tournament to improve the sport.