No turkey for Nigel! The chef reveals that he is parting with tradition

No turkey for Nigel! The chef reveals that he is breaking away from tradition because “it’s not a normal family Christmas” – and will instead serve pork for dinner

  • Nigella Lawson, 60, said she’s not cooking turkey for Christmas dinner this year
  • She said it wouldn’t be a normal family Christmas, so she’s making pork instead
  • She also spoke of a pandemic, saying she was ‘not alone once’

A Christmas dinner with the extended family may have to be put in the background, but many of us will stick to the traditional menu in the desire for something normal.

No, not Nigella Lawson. The TV chef has revealed that for the first time he will not be cooking turkey – he will be cooking pork.

Ms. Lawson said she understands those who want to ‘stick to tradition’, but for her it just wasn’t right.

Nigella Lawson has revealed that she will be cooking pork instead of turkey for Christmas because it will not be a “normal” celebration

She explained: ‘It’s not going to be a normal family Christmas, so I think I’ll feel less sad doing something that’s just a lovely lunch, taking a few Christmas traditions from other places that interest me but not making me feel what’s missing.

“One of the things I think we’ve all figured out is how we miss people being at our table.”

Ms Lawson, 60, also spoke of being alone during the pandemic, telling the BBC’s podcast Newscast: ‘I was never lonely. I was very happy. I preferred to enjoy. ‘

This comes after Nigella hit local chefs across the country when she branded a carrot cut into circles ‘infinitely depressed’.

Nigella, pictured in her new BBC2 show about cooking, also revealed that she didn’t feel

Nigella, pictured on her new BBC2 cooking show, also revealed that she did not feel “lonely” because of the lock

Speaking on her BBC2 cooking show Cook, Eat Repeat, a local goddess born in London insisted that vegetables should be cut into batons.

The glamorous cook commented as she prepared her “favorite for the family” dish, chicken with orzo – “a dish with one pot designed to bring comfort and joy” and “one of the main pillars in her life”.

After browning the whole bird in a pan, Nigella removed it from the heat and added a generously grated lemon zest, garlic, a sprinkle of dried tarragon, chopped leeks and carrots.

As she was editing the root vegetables, she remarked, “I’ve been pretty open to my prejudices over the years, but just to reiterate, that carrots cut into rings are infinitely depressing to me, so for me it’s always a stick.”