No ‘accidental link’ was found after a Queensland woman died after the vaccine

Authorities concluded there was no “accidental link” between the administration of Covid-19 and the death of an elderly woman from Queensland.

An 82-year-old resident of the Blue Care Yuran nursing home in Springwood died less than three hours after receiving a Pfizer sting.

Officials said they would investigate the matter, and News Corp reported that they had released their findings.

Australia’s chief medical officer said there was no direct or accidental link between the death and the vaccine and revealed that the older woman had underlying health problems.

Chief physician Paul Kelly said hundreds of people die in nursing homes every week.

He said: “Inevitably, as the TGA chief noted, this will include people who have recently been vaccinated.

“Every case that occurs after vaccination is fully investigated. Medical experts and the TGA will consider the specifics of such cases and draw a fact-based conclusion.

“Older and weaker people in nursing homes can be expected to die due to the progression of the underlying disease or natural causes, that doesn’t mean the vaccine has contributed to it.”

Queensland police are preparing a report for the coroner and did not consider the death suspicious.

Due to the recent outbreak of cases in Queensland, nursing homes are still in a state of partial locking, which will not be closed until April 15.

CEO Kelly said Australian officials are in regular contact with international bodies related to the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine and will be notified if there is any reason why they should not give the vaccine to older people.

“TGA will continue to monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines as they are introduced in Australia and internationally,” he said.

“As with any other reported case, it is being investigated although there are no signs of a causal link at this stage.”

Australia has administered just under a million doses of Covid-19 vaccine across the country and hopes to increase its efforts to make up for the slow initial introduction.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt is confident he will soon be able to vaccinate the rest of the country.

He added: “What is significant is what we see with older care, we are now at 969 clinics conducted in nursing homes for first doses and another 390 for second doses, and a significant number were conducted today and during the course the rest of the week. “