NNPC personnel reject AK47 hijackers

NNPC personnel reject AK47 hijackers

Written by Egufe Yafugborhi

Rivers State police praised the courage of lawyers and staff of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Tamun Igbikiberebima for seizing the hijacker of his AK47.

Police Commissioner, River Command, CP Joseph Mukan, recognized on Thursday the heroism of Igbikiberebima who also held a kidnapper who had his gun confiscated until police came in to arrest him.

Mukan gave a brief overview of his management, measuring the challenges and achievements since Rivers CP took office in April this year.

He said that NNPC personnel were “kidnapped on December 17, 2020 at his residence in Rumuigba, but showed unusual courage by offering strong resistance, after which he deprived one of the hijackers of his AK47 rifle and arrested him, and later another kidnapper arrested. “

Mukan said, taking office as the 40th River CP, “I have faced challenging situations on the ground. I re-executed the strategy and deployed my men, with the strong accusation of engaging in aggressive intelligence policing, with the aim of gathering effective information, which eventually led to the displacement of criminals.

“The subject is the arrest of the most terrible gang leader, Honest Diigbara (Aka Bobisky) which the state government declared in demand with a thirty million Naira award. He was eventually arrested and the grace redeemed.

“Between April and now, I managed to arrest and prosecute a good number of suspected kidnappers, armed robbers, I saved the kidnapping victims and found a large amount of weapons / ammunition, among other things.”

He noted that, “The command does not ignore the fact that this is a period in which criminals are exploiting the devastation of unsuspecting persons. Given the above, we have set out elaborate and feasible security measures that will contain and minimize these nasty activities.

“Let me advise all the inhabitants of Rijeka that we are now on the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, so we must strictly respect the protocols, especially the presidential directive on gathering people, among other things, because non-payers will be arrested and prosecuted.

“I remind you of the earlier position on the use of fireworks, crackers and knockouts, which are explosives by nature, which can cause damage, panic and tension in the country. Accordingly, parents and guardians are advised to warn their children / wards to refrain from blasting these substances, as defaulters will be arrested and prosecuted. “

Among other key achievements, he presented “the arrest of four members of the Forbidden Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) and the recovery of the material belonging to them.”

IPOB suspects include Ugochukwu Abaziem, Chinedu Ureabu, Sunny Vincent, Onyekachi Sylvester.

They were arrested at the Iriebe residential property near Oyigbo LGA.

“It is suspected that members of the banned IPOB were responsible for the attacks on police stations during the #EndSARS protest in the Oyigbo area command, where three police stations were burned and looted.

“Exhibited items include: One radio transmitter (Biafra Radio) Large quantities of IPOB T-shirts and face caps.

Calendar with photo of Nnamdi Kanu. One television set up custom matches, with the names of the members. substances used in the worship of their god, EZUMEZ AMADIOHA JUJU. “

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