Nippon TV has launched the show ‘Crush Park’ in an international format – TBI Vision

Japanese Nippon TV has launched its new Games show, Crush Park, as an international format.

The show, which aired on Nippon TV in December 2020, requires contestants to literally break various objects in their quest to win a prize.

In Covid-safe format, players accept challenges either individually or in small numbers, reducing the risk of contact during filming. Each stand-alone episode sets contestants against three wacky obstacle courses in which they face obstacles ranging from water balloons to raging horned monsters.

Armed with veils of hammers and swords to a special explosive potion, they must destroy as much and as quickly as possible to reach the prize, and the lowest scorers are disqualified after each round.

“While people are trying to overcome this stressful Covid-19 times, there’s no better time for Nippon TV to offer this new fun, stressful game format,” said Mikiko Nishiyama, Ph.D. Med., International Business Development on Nippon TV.

“With the pop look and feel of a theme park or arcade, Crush Park it delights viewers with excitement far removed from everyday reality. Satisfaction is guaranteed to the players and viewers of the show in this family-friendly show. “

Nippon TV recently signed a multi-territorial contract with international television production Warner Bros. in which they will develop and produce an entertaining format Mute!. Earlier this month, the global anime streamer Crunchyroll was acquired Tsukimichi – Moonlit Fantasy, the first international anime series produced by Nippon TV’s new anime department.