NIMC Registration Portal: How to replace a NIN ticket if you have your own loss

National ID card on an important identification document for Nigeria

We call Wetin dis foto,

National ID card on an important identification document for Nigeria

The National Identity Management Commission of Nigeria does not release information to help pipo not lose the dia The national identification number slips on how the dems return.

According to the informate wey NIMC edition, let’s say it costs 500 Naira via REMITA, let’s be one payment platform or any bank that wants to get an anode slip near you.

A di pesin go gatz nose di Remita teller, go to any of the di-registration centers near you and ask them to re-print the anode NIN slip.

Anode way to get your NIN according to the di goment agency to call * 346 # to download the NIN number.

Dia tok dey comes as a counter pipo dey try to register dia sim card afta goment give mobile network subscribers a deadline to update dia dia card with national ID number, NIN.

The national identification number used in Nigeria identifies each Nigerian.

Dem advises the counter pipo “to stop selling and sharing NIN”, adding “dem fit use am take to scams”.

See the wetin you need to do if you forget NIN?

You don’t have to re-register, in fact, go back in two steps

  • Visit the nearest registration center, enter your phone number or fingerprint and return your NIN
  • You can also dial * 346 # with the mobile number you are registering

Wetin dem use NIN for?

Authorities waive the NIN for linking all data about a particular individual within a database of national identities, and the use of demi serves as a means of verifying an individual’s identity.