Nike’s “Rooted in Peace” Dunk shoe draws inspiration from Japanese gardening

Nike has made an effort to saturate the Dunk hype by releasing a new iteration of sneakers seemingly every week. Now, after a host of basic designs, Swoosh has introduced Dunk Low’s “Rooted in Peace,” drawing inspiration for the design from Japanese gardening. The themed sneaker takes on earth tones, thirsty green accents and embossed peace sign graphics to convey its message of serenity.

With Nike running Dunks at a relentless pace, not all of its designs can be winners. Recent releases have focused on classic two-tone makeup, which will most likely satisfy as many customers as possible at once. Swoosh’s latest Dunk model, on the other hand, stands out by channeling what captivated us in the first place to the silhouette: creative themes, colorful designs, and a groundbreaking story. And with the Dunk hype at its peak, this sneaker will surely turn not only the tops of your sneakers, but also the masses.

Rooted in culture – Every aspect of the new Dunk Low has been modified to pay homage to the art of Japanese gardening. The thin-layer suede wears the upper part of a dark denim fabric that on a white sachet resembles an embroidery in the middle of the foot and back panels. A white leather Swoosh complements the embroidery on each side of the sneaker.


To nod to the jade plant and the use of jade in Japanese culture, green jade accents were added to the toe box, tongue and heel. The heel panel boasts a matching green embossed Nike brand.

The most obvious thematic honor comes on the side heel, where one can see the imprinted peace sign, partly composed of root graphics. Moving underfoot, the shoe is complemented by a white sole and a translucent rubber bottom.


More than just sneakers – Details continue only in Dunk Low’s packaging, as his shoe box contains more than just a pair of sneakers. Each “Rooted in Peace” pair will come with five tips of inspired pins – shown decorating shoe laces – and matching bandanas adorned with gardening motifs such as scissors and stones. All elements are also housed in a special box that takes on the same minimalist design.


Nike has not yet announced the date of the fall of Dunk Low, but official images suggest that the silhouette will soon arrive on SNKRS. Despite the deeper design of the shoe, it should sell at the usual Dunk price of $ 100 – but know that it will most likely be subject to a draw based on the SNKRS lottery. Of course, the “Rooted in Peace” sneaker is all about being cool, so try not to attack if you catch another L from the hands of Nike’s whims.