Nightwing’s upgrade of the new costume shows Barbara Gordon her world

In Nightwing # 79, Dick Grayson gets an important new costume upgrade that makes him and Oracle even closer than ever.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Nightwing # 79 by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas and Wes Abbott, which are now on sale.

At DC Universe, a bullet to Dick Grayson’s head and his memory loss left him on the road for many months. But now Dick’s memory and identity are returning, along with the wealth left to him by the late Alfred. More importantly, he also spends an awful lot of time with a woman who is highly regarded as his soulmate, Barbara Gordon, in Nightwing.

I u Nightwing # 79, Dick Grayson’s costume gets a new upgrade that will make him and Oracle even closer than ever.

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Dick and Barbara spend this release connecting with their new puppy and feeding the people of Blüdhaven. Dick intends to become a philanthropist, similar to what Bruce Wayne was to Gotham. However, the charity outing becomes catastrophic when some at-risk children pocket Bruce’s former protégé.

The couple returns to Dick’s apartment to get dressed. He asks Barbara to follow him, further fueling their romantic fire. But with a backbone that is still sensitive after the “Joker War,” she prefers to stay at base and work remotely like Oracle, instead of jumping from roof to roof like Batgirl. However, she has a new toy that will help him in the form of an improved mask that will give her a first-person view of his adventures.

Oracle reveals that it will now be able to see what he sees, giving Nightwing an extra pair of eyes on the street. It is basically additional surveillance, which allows him to detect clues that he could miss, and which immediately comes into consideration when he sees a meeting between the gangs of Maroni and Zucco.

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When pickpockets try to steal Zucco’s thugs, Dick comes to their aid, beating the bullies before they manage to kill the teenagers. He eventually finds runaway people, but leaves them in the wallet of poor young people who really need it.

Although Nightwing is still the World’s Greatest Detective’s most successful protégé, this device will allow him a direct connection to Oracle and its multitude of resources. For a hero who is so human-centered, this device and Barbara’s slightly more analytical direct line to it will help Nightwing catch what he misses, serving as the latest in a long line of safety nets.

With Barbara as his partner in the fight against crime in this project, it seems that their relationship may become romantic. After all, if they do them so intimately again and for such a heartfelt reason, it touches on their recent past and opens the way for them to be a couple once again.

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