Nigerians are reacting to a ruling on the APC’s ambition to stay in power for 32 years

Many Nigerians have condemned on social media the ambition of the ruling All Progress Congress party to stay in power for eight terms.

The reaction followed comments by APC National Transitional Committee Chairman Mai Mala Buni that his party hopes to remain in power for eight terms – a 32-year term.

Buni, who is also the governor of Yobe State, spoke in Abuja on Tuesday at the inauguration of the party’s strategic committee chaired by Muhammad Badaru, the governor of Jigawa.

The interim president said that the APC will be able to “effectively” improve the lives of Nigerians if it has more than eight mandates.

“The constitution of the strategy and contacts committee is therefore to unite the achievements we are achieving in building a strong party with a solid structure that would be achieved by the APC to stand the test of time,” he said.

“Our vision is to provide a wheel that will lead the party to go beyond the sixth, seventh and even eighth terms in order to effectively implement the party manifesto, improve the lives of Nigerians and remain the leading Nigerian political party.

“This committee is therefore very crucial for our process of transition to successful congresses and national conventions and for establishing a very solid, respectable and credible future for the party.”

Buni said the party’s efforts to attract new members to the party have been successful.

“On the other hand, our efforts to attract members of other political parties to the APC have been remarkable successes without precedent,” he said.

“Another major milestone that we have noted as a party is the exercise of membership registration and revalidation, which has given every member of our party a true sense of belonging.

“Membership registration would give us the numerical strength of the party and would serve as a planning guide.”

The ruling party is currently in its sixth year in power.

Several Nigerians have since responded to developments on Twitter.

@MooAkee posted, “No wonder I saw 2047 and 2051 on Twitter. It’s impossible. 20 children cannot work together for 20 years. 30 adults cannot work together for 30 months. There will be a forced separation. ”

Another Twitter user, @cajetan_uzoma, said: “APC does not mean good for Nigeria and its citizens. They are here to steal, kill and destroy. Nigeria has never been this bad, I wonder how these people sleep at night, knowing full well that they are failing. “

For @Mai_YaQi, the APC has already won two terms without significant improvement in the lives of Nigerians. He said, “How come? We have given them two terms, but people are suffering from hunger and scarcity all over the nation. And there is a lack of security everywhere. “

Twitter user @D_Okee said: “The party that has taken Nigeria to such an extent that we doubt it will be anything like Nigeria by 2023. The same party wants to rule itself for 32 years.”

@ AbimbolaAdemol2 felt that the APC would not be better off even if they were given a twenty-year term. He tweeted, “Lies kill you there, you lied like that to get power, now you need 8 terms. If you get 20 seats, you can’t be better because you would have ended Nigeria twenty years ago. “

@otunslaw reported: “If the APC uses 80 terms in power, nothing good can come out of an evil terrorist and bandit government except killing and corruption. #EndNigeriaNowtoSaveLives. ”