Nigerian police informed about Imo prison three times – Former DSS official – Channel Television

Former assistant director at the Department of Public Services, Dennis Amachree, said Thursday that police were warned three times before gunmen attacked a correctional facility and police headquarters in Imo State.

Mr. Amachree made a comment during his appearance on the Sunrise Daily show on Television.

The attack, which took place on Monday, was followed by another attack on a police station in the state of Imo.

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State Governor Imo Hope Uzodinma has blamed damaged politicians who want to destabilize his government and the government of President Muhammad Buhari for recent attacks on security facilities in the state.

But Mr Amachree suggested on Thursday that such attacks, especially Monday’s event, could have been prevented had the police been on their feet.

“There is enough active intelligence; effective in the sense that it allows people space to exercise it, ”he said.

“One week before this particular event and 72 hours before the event and 48 hours before the event – that is, three times – the Nigerian police were informed that it would happen.

“Some suspects were found who were geolocated around the area, monitoring the prisons and the police headquarters.

“But you know, in our insufficient way, when the intelligence would come, they would throw it aside, and then, of course, when something happens, everyone runs around.”

Mr Amachree said the DSS could not act on its own intelligence because it was not a “fighting force”.

“The active side is actually the police,” he said. “Because when they say that a certain installation or facility is endangered, then the active side would start correcting them.

“DSS is not a fighting force. They have a protective department that is basically responsible for the safety of people, VIPS. But when it comes to fighting, they always connect with sister agencies, either the police or the military. “

He stressed that “some people are just lazy to do their job” and advised that other states should learn from the state of Lagos.

“Lagos, the same intelligence service appeared and of course was proactive.

“If it happens in the northeast, it could happen in Lagos. (But) Lagos itself has taken proactive steps, especially when it comes to securing correctional facilities in the state. And I think other states should follow that now because they can’t sit and wait until that happens to them. “