News on Akwa Ibom: Court sends university professor to jail over INEC ‘false result’ favoring Senator Akpabi

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Election Office in Nigeria, Independent National Election Commission [INEC] let’s say Professor Peter Ogban is sent to jail because a man challenges a dem to hold a trial, at the INEC for the state of Akwa Ibom.

Judge Augustine Odokwor of the High Court of the State of Wey dey sidon for Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State Penalty Prof. Ogban wey be Unical Professor goes to 36 months in prison after the Independent National Election Commission (INEC) withdrew the court due to election fraud.

Prof. Ogban on the Don for di Department of Soil Science for Uyo University and Calabar University and im bin falsify the result in favor of the Congress of All Progressives (APC) in relation to di People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which won the election.

The court found that Professor Ogban, who could be the liaison officer for the Ikot Ekpena senatorial district for the 2019 National Assembly elections, was guilty of publishing false results in favor of Niger-Delta Minister of Affairs Senator Godswill Akpabio could be candidate di APC for di elections.

The offenses are contrary to Article 123 of the Election Law with a fine of 500,000 Naira or 36 months in prison or both.

Justice Odokwor wey tok says that they are being judged in accordance with the election violations and penalties of the INEC for the general elections in 2019, he also deprived Professor Fine of 100 thousand naira for election fraud for the di elections.

Clement Onwenwunor, who represents INEC, tells reporters in front of the court that the verdict is going to serve as a big lesson give odas wey dey love to work mago-mago for election mates.

For me Anthony Ekpe, a defense attorney, now a professor professor, use ode remedies to get justice for di mata.

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But Oga Mike Igini, INEC’s permanent election commissioner for Akwa Ibom, says: “After the 2019 general elections bin sidon we look wet for the pre-election, come, help us sabi areas, recognize weaknesses so we don’t get problems for future elections .

“We invite some of the professors to inform us about how we met during the elections in the country, but some of them do not come. The bus of one of the professors of bin tok is afraid to come. Make us write on disin go to our headquarters for Abuja, say make dem set-up panel make dem call the professors, but still some of the demens are not coming.

“Instead, one of the professors comes to have a lawyer write them to write INEC and say we don’t call for any discussion, even though we have a lot of evidence against the di professor. But the di professor says you’d rather go to court. Let’s say we go to court Disna di ishod di suda, let’s say make us go.

“Di Law does not negotiate. Wetin is an important addition to us now, and we do not have to say that the integrity of the election process, public feat and trust always take precedence and pass any consideration.