New True Crime Netflix Doc Shows Mom Using Myspace to Find Her Daughter’s Killer

Netflix’s latest documentary on real crime, Why did you kill me?, will send a chill down your spine. It tells the story of the brutal murder of 24-year-old Crystal Theobald as a result of a 2006 gang shooting in California. What sets this document apart from the others are the events that followed the shooting. Theobald’s mother Belinda Lane teamed up with her niece and created multiple fake Myspace accounts to find the people responsible for her daughter’s death.

The content of Netflix reads: “The line between justice and revenge is blurred when a devastated family uses social media to find the people who killed 24-year-old Crystal Theobald.” Judging by the trailer, Lane’s methods for finding her daughter’s killers are not always ethical – or legal. Once the police fail to close the case, they basically use cat fishing to solve the crime on their own.

Watch the complete trailer yourself below.

“They’re just starting to respond,” Lane says in the trailer, referring to messages the fake bills were receiving. “Ping, ping, ping.”

In short, this true criminal Netflix film explores how far a mom will go in her search to solve her daughter’s murder. It features a combination of interviews with family members, police officers and gang members – and in the trailer we already see traces of tension between Lane and the law. It seems to be worth mentioning that the person who is most ardent in solving a crime is sometimes the person who has been hurt the most by that crime.

“I wanted to hurt him as it hurts us,” Lane continues in the trailer, explaining her motives for creating fake Myspace accounts. “I told them,‘ Okay, everyone – no violence. “But in the background of my own mind I still knew I was going to kill them.”

Fans of true crime and Netflix, get ready. Why did you kill me? hits broadcast on April 14th.