New strain of coronavirus: Existing COVID-19 vaccines are likely to be effective against the mutated variant, says Dr. Shekhar Mande

New Delhi, December 24: As the world struggles to cope with the outbreak of COVID-19, a new variant of the coronavirus has been discovered in the United Kingdom. Although the same has not been recorded so far in India. The government has temporarily banned all flights from the UK, due to the threat of a variant. However, experts believe that the various vaccines against COVID-19 that are being developed should also be effective in combating the new strain. Dr Shekhar Mande, Director General of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) said, “COVID-19 vaccines that are being tested and developed should be effective against it,” while talking to NDTV. A new strain of coronavirus has not been seen in India so far, which is unlikely to affect the effectiveness of COVID-19, the government says.

He added that genome sequencing tests used to detect a mutant strain of coronavirus take up to 24 hours. He said six laboratories across India are conducting research to discover a new strain of the new coronavirus. Samples of various passengers who tested positive for COVID-19 upon return from the UK were sent to this laboratory for testing. COVID-19 New strain: 5 returnees from the UK, positive for Coronavirus virus recovery, fleeing Delhi airport; Once in Ludhiana, another in Andhra Pradesh, reports say.

Dr Mande also said that vaccines being tested against COVID-19 should be effective against the new virus as well. “Vaccines are very likely to be effective on a mutated strain. Since there are only a few mutations in this strain, there are about 15-17 of them. immune response, “he told NDTV.

Speaking about the new strain of coronavirus, he reportedly said: “Some mutations found in this strain have been observed in other geographies such as South Africa and Brazil. These mutations occur spontaneously. Those in South Africa and Brazil were independent of the UK. So this it is not a phenomenon limited to the United Kingdom. These mutations can also occur in India. “

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