New Pokemon Snap: Do I Need a Nintendo Switch Online?

Best answer: No. A Nintendo Switch Online subscription is not required to play the New Pokémon Snap, although it will allow you to share photos online so other players can rank.

Capture the Pokémon with the camera

The Pokémon Snap was first released on the Nintendo 64, and it’s been 22 years since there’s a new version of the photo simulator. The new Pokémon Snap comes out on April 30, adding a collection of Pokémon games to the Nintendo Switch. Better yet, you won’t need a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

All you will need is a Nintendo Switch and a copy of the game to enjoy the story and the vast majority of New Pokémon Snap features. Your task will be to assist Professor Mirror in exploring the Lendal region by photographing Pokemon in their natural habitats. In addition to just spotting Pokemon, you’ll need to try to catch them showing different behaviors and make sure they’re centered in the frame. You can even edit images and add filters. Your photos will yield one to four stars based on how difficult it is to capture the frame.

Why might you want to get a Nintendo Switch Online anyway

After you put all that work into shooting and editing the perfect shot, you might want to show it off. This is where Nintendo Switch Online membership will come in handy. The Internet has made great strides since 1999, and New Pokémon Snap players will be able to use the subscription service to create a personal album and share pictures of their works online so other players can see and rank them.

It is unclear whether high-ranking photos will reward you with anything other than the right to brag, or whether subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online will give you access to any other New Pokémon Snap feature. Pokémon HOME, Pokémon Sword and Shield and Pokémon: Let’s go, Eevee! and Pikachu! they don’t support cloud storage services, so neither will the New Pokémon Snap. Come back here for news when the game comes out!

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