New mutation COVID-19: What are the symptoms?

A new variant of the coronavirus found in the United Kingdom has caused concern around the world, but it may not be so different from the mutation we are now dealing with.

  • Experts have begun to examine whether the new mutation differs from the current one and how the COVID-19 vaccine could be affected. So far, experts have suggested that the new mutation will be stopped by the vaccine. It is still being investigated.
  • But questions still linger about a new mutation in the virus, including how it might be that we have it.

What are the symptoms of the new variant of COVID-19?

Dr. Darren Mareiniss, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Sidney Kimmel College of Medicine – Thomas Jefferson University – recently told Eat This, Not That! that the symptoms of the new variant do not differ so much from the original strain.

  • He said “current tests do not distinguish between different species.”
  • Common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, fatigue, muscle aches, cold, sore throat, and loss of taste and smell.

Mareiniss said that the bigger problem of the new variant is that it is broadcast faster.

  • “VUI-202012/01 will cause more infections, probably more deaths, and will also flood our health resources faster.”

Maybe you already had it

Several researchers told CNN that a new strain of coronavirus in the UK arrived in the United States around mid-November, meaning hundreds of people could already be infected.

Dr. Anthony Fauci he said Americans should assume that a new variant of the coronavirus was found in the United Kingdom in the United States.

  • “When you have this much spread within a place like the UK, you really have to assume he’s already here … it’s certainly not the dominant type, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already here.”