New Horizons Toy Day has arrived

It is officially Toy Day in Animal Crossings: New Horizons!! Thanks to a recent update filled with holiday content, players should be able to participate in Toy Day today, December 24, as part of a video game. So far there have been holiday content, but now it’s time to go out and meet the Jingle reindeer and be generally cheerful in the popular title.

When you first start up Animal Transition: New Horizons today Isabelle should let you know it’s Toy Day. As such, Jingle reindeer are waiting for you on your island. For me, they were milling around the town square in front of Resident Services. Initially, they ask you to create and submit a wrapping paper – for which Jingle has “do-it-yourself” plans, which require some decorations that can be shaken off the festive trees around the island.

Once you make and hand over the wrapping paper, Jingle instructs you to deliver the gifts to all the residents with the help of a small magic bag. All you need to do is keep it equipped and talk to the various inhabitants of the island and offer them a gift for Toy Day. Once you give one to all the villagers – only those with houses seem to count – go back to Jingle.

By turning the magic bag when you’re done, Jingle has a special gift for you and another DIY recipe. In addition, after you finish with Jingle, you can start exchanging gifts with all the villagers. You’ll need wrapping paper to make sure the gift is neat, even a gift, but Zucker made sure I had it when I first tried to exchange gifts without a wrapped gift. So far, the things I got match up with the toys available in the store this month. And that seems to be the case for Toy Day!

Animal Crossings: New Horizons is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. It still receives updates regularly, including some pretty significant additions to December stuff like today’s Toy Day, for example. You can view all of our previous animal migration reports here.

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