Neuralink Elona Muska discovers a monkey playing Pong with a brain implant

Neuralink, the brain implant beginner who founded SpaceX’s main honcho and self-proclaimed “technoking” Elon Musk, has unveiled a new video of a nine-year-old monkey named “Pager” playing Pong’s brain.

The three-minute video shows Pager learning to control a computer using his brain activity. Initially, the monkey used a joystick to interact with the computer for a “delicious banana smoothie, delivered through a straw.” The narrator states that Pager had two Neuralink devices implanted in his brain. The devices, which Musk calls “Fitbit for your skull”, were revealed at a press briefing in August 2020.

The complete video is below.

Neuralink has been relatively silent since its first founding in 2016. In the last two years of launch held two press briefings with musk helmets, describing in detail its momentum. The Neuralink device was introduced in 2019 and it seemed that steady progress was made in the following year, when pig implants were discovered.

The briefings also functioned as recruitment movements, and Musk asked people to get in touch and join. But the information is still scarce: Musk and Neuralink published a scientific paper in the Journal of Medical Internet Research in October 2019.

Earlier this week, Neuralink president and co-founder Max Hodak gave an ambiguous tweet about Jurassic Park that many publications have meant that Neuralink is investing in the development of dino DNA. Monkeys playing Pong aren’t exactly dino DNA, but … maybe it’s even better.

This story is evolving.