Netflix’s THE FLOOR IS LAVA has been renewed for Season 2

Every child, both real children and adult children, knows that something is always true about the country, even when it seems completely normal and safe. No matter where you are, you are always waiting for the right moment. And that moment comes the second someone shouts, “The floor is a lion!” But your living room or that volcano in Iceland is not the only place you should avoid a fall. The Netflix series inspired by that classic game returns for a second season.


Diversity reports that the streaming giant has recovered The floor is Lava second season. Rutledge Wood will return as host of the show. They will guide competitors as they take demanding courses. Even if you haven’t seen the series ’inaugural campaign, you can probably guess what it’s like. But just in case, Netflix’s official synopsis says, “Teams compete in navigating lava-flooded rooms by jumping off chairs, hanging from curtains and swinging from chandeliers. Yes really.”

Well, not “really.” There is actually no hot magma. Players run the risk of falling into a large tub of foamy red water. As a society we are probably still at least 10, maybe 15 years away from the show using real lava.

Three men in American flag T-shirts enter the obstacle course with water bathed in red light for Netflix's The Floor Is Lava


However, this “technicality” did not prevent viewers from adjusting. Netflix says an incredible 37 million people watched the show’s first season. This number was certainly helped by world events. The floor is Lava introduced in June 2020, when almost everyone was at home and following everything they could to stay sane.

Honestly, a simple premise of the show is enough to become a hit. (Like all the absurd spills of contestants.) We all know how fun it is to try to avoid stepping on the ground when it’s all our couch or magazine. We would love to try to play on the big obstacle course and win a prize. Because that’s the best way to show that we know the truth about it.