Netflix releases hilarious blooper reel for Season 1 of “The Witch”

What horses fuck dark shots. Experimental dances in the most difficult situations. Sexy oiled pigs (yes, this is a reference to Geralt).

You can find all this and much more in the video below. Netflix has released a drum for its first season for The Witcher today and it’s pretty funny if it’s a little too short.

In fact, the video is worth barely a minute, and while they’re pretty funny, it would be nice to have just a little more.

It’s kind of a running theme with Netflix’s #witchmas gifts. I planned to cover each of them because they were posted on Twitter over the past week, but what we got wasn’t exactly interesting or exciting. Some photos of the props. A few photos of Jaskier posing from season 1. Nightmare of the Wolf anime logo. You can see all this here. It’s all a bit overwhelming, though we may have just hoped too high.

The Blooper reel is one of the better in the series, and certainly the funniest. Check:

I’m definitely excited about season 2. I remember we all watched the first season at that time last year Mandalorian about Disney Plus and the first season The Witcher on Netflix. It was a wonderful time that ended a really great year.

Then came 2020. Everything changed when the country was invaded with coronavirus.

Here’s hoping 2021 is better and Season 2 is a little less confusing. Which reminds me that I should really be watching the entire 1st season again.