Netflix announces gay Christmas movie ‘Single All the Way’

Photo: Manny Carabel / John Lamparski / Getty Images

Ho ho hiiii!! Christmas came early and came in the form of another gay Christmas movie made for streaming, even though we as a society have barely recovered from The happiest season. Netflix announced today that it has been named a new holiday romantic comedy Single until the end starts production later this month. The assumption is a classic setting for such things: “Desperate to avoid his family’s judgment of his eternal single status, Peter convinces his best friend Nick to join him for the holidays and pretends they are in a relationship now. But when Peter’s mother hosts him blindly with his handsome coach James – the plan breaks down. “Well … Peter will end up with a best friend, right?

Michael Urie will play Peter and his mother mixing (because movies about holidays with gay teams always have mother interference) will be Kathy Najimy. The most exciting thing, however, is that she will be some kind of wacky aunt played by Jennifer Coolidge. As Urie said in a statement to Netflix, “If it’s not somehow a gay Christmas miracle, I don’t know what is.” The cast will be rounded off by Philemon Chambers and Luke Macfarlane as a love interest, and Barry Bostwick as Peter’s father. Director Michael Mayer, who won Tony for directing Spring awakening In 2007, he said that “it’s really nice to tell a story that happens AFTER going out!”