Netflix and Valve team up for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood anime series

A new animated series set in the DOTA universe is on its way from Netflix and Valve. On Tuesday night, he announced a streaming service DOTA: Dragon’s blood and gave MOBA fans a first look at the series with a brief announcement.

The announcement introduces us to Davion, a knight kite, a skilled dragon hunter and a hero that players will recognize COUNT 2. After his introduction, Davion runs forward into battle with the big dragon, and the trailer turns black.

Loyal COUNT 2 players will know that in the knowledge of the game Dragon Knight is actually fighting a legendary dragon named Slyrak and, after defeating him and soaking up his blood, he has gained the ability to turn into a dragon and breathe fire himself. It is not clear whether Dragon’s blood takes place after that fateful fight, but based on the name that battle could be part of the show.

According to the description of the series on Netflix, it seems that along with the fighting dragons, Davion will meet a princess named Mirana – another POINT 2 players heroes could recognize – and be led into events “much bigger than he could have ever imagined”.

The show is produced by both Netflix and Valve, the developers COUNT 2. The showrunner of the series will be Ashley Edward Miller (X-Men: First grade,, Thor). Dragon’s blood will be animated by Studio MIR, the studio behind Netflix Waltron: Legendary defenders i The The legend of Korra.

COUNT 2: Dragon’s blood will premiere on Netflix on March 25th.