NASA’s rover Perseverance took an epic Mars selfie with a Ingenuity helicopter as a guest star

Perseverance stands out in this selfie that also features an Ingenuity Mars helicopter.

NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

Rover Perseverance was busy painting his pictures (including this charming look on his “face”), but now we have a complete view. NASA on Wednesday released a magnificent full-body selfie showing a rover with a Mars companion, the Ingenuity helicopter. The picture highlights a rover, which still looks pretty clean after landing in mid-February, and a small experimental Ingenuity helicopter. The helicopter is preparing for the first test flight no later than Sunday.

Rover used a Watson camera mounted on his robotic arm to capture 62 images used for selfies. A marathon for taking pictures was held on April 6. To get a sense of scale, the helicopter is located about 4 meters (4 meters) from its companion on wheels.

The The perseverance team posted a slightly different version of the selfie on Twitter in GIF format showing a rover’s “head” that ranges from looking at ingenuity to looking at the camera.

The the rover dropped the Ingenuity helicopter on the ground over the weekend and will watch a daring little rotor try to make its first controlled flight on another planet. NASA hopes to get images of the flight along with engineering data on rotorcraft performance.

The selfie is a tribute to two machines doing pioneering work on Mars.

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