NASA is releasing stunning new photographs of the Earth taken from the International Space Station, Science News

We only have one planet. We can improve our knowledge and dream of moving en masse to other planets, but no planet in the universe will raise us as Mother Earth. And precisely because of this, images of the Earth taken from space have a special place. Certainly, we will have a lot of stars, planets and galaxies to click on. But images of our blue planet will always be nurtured. NASA has released new images of the Earth.

These new images were taken from the International Space Station (ISS). NASA posted these pictures from its Instagram account.

The new images mark Earth Day, which is fast approaching (April 22).

“… On the eve of Earth Day, we invite you to celebrate our blue marble! …”, says NASA in its Instagram post. ‘Blue marble’ is of course our Earth.

“In these stunning images, natural systems – earth, water, air, ice – connect with each other to come to life. Whether we are on land or in space, we are united by this tiny blue planet – and it is something to be celebrated. .. “, said NASA

He posted a total of four photos. See them below. Click on the arrows to see the following image in the box below.

In this universe, our view can be deep and wide. We may have the ability to uncover the deepest mysteries of the universe. But sometimes, occasionally, it doesn’t hurt to look back and appreciate a planet that has let our roots grow stronger.