Naples discovers a rare new variant of covid-19 that has never been seen in Italy

For the first time, a rare variant of covid-19 was discovered in Italy.

A new, rare variant of the covid-19 virus was discovered in the city of Naples in southern Italy, in the first known case in Italy of strain “B. 1. 525”.

The news about this strain was announced last night by the regional government of Campania after it was identified by the University of Federico II and the Pascale Research Institute in Naples.

So far, about 100 cases of the strain found worldwide have been reported, including Denmark, Nigeria, the UK and the US, the Italian news agency ANSA reported.

“For now, we do not know the strength of the variant of the infection or its other characteristics, as is the case with many rare variants,” the regional government said in a statement.

The strain was discovered after a “professional return from a trip to Africa” ​​was positive for covid-19, the region said.

The news comes days after the Italian Ministry of Health made a last-minute decision to keep ski slopes in the country closed due to the “widespread” variant of the covid-19.
There are already local locks in a number of cities and provinces where virus variants have been detected, and in recent days several prominent virologists have requested locks at the national level.