NACOMYO malfunction CAN comment on hijab


The National Council of Muslim Youth Organizations (NACOMYO) has accused the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) of his statement and advocates the use of the hijab.

NACOMYO described CAN’s call through its Secretary-General Joseph Daramola to halt the hijab law by the National Assembly not only as laughter but also as hatred that could fuel growing tensions over the hijab in the state of Kwara.

In a statement jointly signed by Mallam Sani Suleiman Maigoro and Alhaj Mas’ud Akintola, the national president and secretary general, the council noted on Wednesday that CAN’s constant agitation against anything Islamic would “ring the death of the Nigerian Interfaith Council (NIREC)” . ) which sought to promote peaceful coexistence, understanding and harmony in the country.



“Despite the fact that the use of the hijab by any willing Muslim woman or girl is their fundamental right, CAN fans hate Islam with fear, ignoring the unprecedented benefits of the hijab for its users and Islamic banking and finance for the country as in Sukuk. used to fund several travel projects in Nigeria. He then wonders if CAN will call on its members not to drive on those roads.

“The last view shows that Christians were uncomfortable walking the streets and being neighbors with Muslims adorning the hijab in our communities and other public places like markets and motor parks.”