MURIC blames Saraki-led ‘bad loser’ for insecurity under Bukhari

The Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC) has suspended its earlier plans for a three-day warning strike and a peaceful protest that should begin today, Thursday, due to the state government’s alleged plans to return to the minimum wage of 18,000 N.

The suspension of the planned strike was announced by the National Vice President of the Union, Mr. Najeem Yasin, informing reporters in the early morning hours in Cannes.

The union reminded that the state government denied the workers their March salary.

According to him, the decision to end the strike and peaceful protest followed an agreement reached between the Kano state government and organized work on Wednesday.

The meeting was convened in person in the case of Governor Abdullah Ganduje, with representatives of the National President of the NLC, Mr. Ayuba Wabba and other NLC officials.

“The state government revealed that it does not intend to return to the payment of the old minimum wage in the amount of 18,000 N18, as it was speculated, and reiterated its position to respect the agreement of N30,600 signed between the two parties in December 2019.

“We also agreed that the March deductions in the salaries of workers at the state and local level should be returned to the workers together with the April or May salaries, depending on the increase in the allocation of FAAC for that period.

“A committee has been established between the organized work and the government, which will consider all disputable issues presented by the union.

“We have also decided that all machines to implement the new minimum wage of N39,600 should be set up for Kud State University of Science (KUST) Wudil and Yusuf Maitama Sule

“The meeting also agreed that the payment of the monthly pension and all the rights of pensioners should be taken over under the resolution and approval of the board of creditors of the Manager of the State Pension Fund Kano (KSPFT) as provided by the 2006 law on pensions.

“Also, among the resolutions is that no worker or any leader should be punished / treated in a harmful / malicious way as a result of participating in a planned industrial action of the government of the state of Kano.

“Therefore, the actions organized by the above resolutions suspended the three-day industrial action that was supposed to start today, Thursday, April 8, 2021, and the peaceful protest on Monday, April 12,” he announced.