Miyetti Allah calls for a peaceful solution

File: From the middle: National President of the Association of Livestock Breeders Miyetti Allah from Nigeria (MACBAN) accompanied by National Secretary Alhaji Babe Ngelzarma and other members of the association

Written by Anayo Okoli

The Association of Livestock Breeders Miyetti Allah of Nigeria, MACBAN, has called on Nigerians to unite and seek a common acceptable solution to quell growing tensions in separation and the insecurity that threatens to divide the country.

MACBAN Southeast Region Chairman Alhaji Gidado Siddiki, who appealed to Enugu yesterday, stressed the need for peace among Nigerians.

Siddiki complained that the situation, which was most often accompanied by emotional excuses and provocations, affected the economic life of cattle breeders.

According to him, it has become very necessary to restore hope and common sense in the country with love for each other.

“The downpour of insecurity and outbursts of emotional excuses across the country further fuel the fervor of fear among Nigerians.

“For the average person, the situation is enough to conclude that Nigeria may be just on the verge of activating its emergency security mode,” Sadiki said.

While praising the efforts of governments at all levels to find a solution to the situation on the ground, “the situation raises the question of the ability of political leaders to provide us with immediate security.”

He said it was unfortunate that the ranchers who were accused bore the burden of insecurity in parts of the country, saying the ranchers were misunderstood at various times.

Sadiki made it clear that their members were not interested in seizing the land and would never dispute ownership of the land with any of the host communities.

“What we are facing today is a situation in which the offenses of others have mostly confused us, but these trials will come true.

“We only ask that we be allowed to do business until the moment when profitable and more useful options are realized.

“We maintain support for the authorities to go in search of criminals and rid forests and cities of such bad elements to improve the lives of every Nigerian,” the MACBAN leader said.

He called on the governments of the countries in the southeastern region to address the need for law-abiding laws to conduct their legitimate business in a safe environment.

“We ask our people not to resort to self-help or to take revenge for their losses. We believe the government is giving a positive response to gain the trust of the people by protecting them.

“We should seek true understanding, facilitate the warmth and mutually pollinated business interactions that are mutually beneficial to Nigerians.”

Vanguard News Nigeria