Militants from the Niger Delta are threatening to carry out an attack in Abuja in Lagos

A group of militants from the Niger Delta, the supreme fighters for the liberation of Egbesu, threatened to destroy the infrastructure in Lagos and Abuja.

The group made the threat in a video released by African Independent Television (AIT) on Tuesday.

In the video, the group accused the Nigerian government of marginalizing the region and failing to implement an amnesty program.

Reading from the statement, a masked member of the group said there had been no significant development in the area since they accepted the amnesty program offered by the government.

“To this day, there are no schools, no drinking water, no lights, no hospital and no access roads for our people to enjoy,” the masked man said.

Also, according to the group, no significant progress has been made regarding the proposed Ogoni cleanup project.

The group said the Nigerian government “decided to play a policy against the significant development of our people”.

It is said that in the way “their people work with the Zamfara gold sector”, people from the Niger Delta should also be allowed to manage their resources.

It was said, “Over the years, the residents of Delta Niger have made frantic efforts to create a favorable environment … but to our great misfortune, the Nigerian government over the years has decided to tackle the problems of the Niger Delta with children’s gloves. They betrayed the fight and left people to their fate.

“Instead, what is visible is the presence of a military gunboat and numerous military personnel scattered towards the Niger Delta that kills, rapes and maims innocent people in the region.

“Look at the security oversight agreement that is taking place in our region through the federal government, and these agencies have decided to exchange our people. Now in our territorial waters, an Israeli company provides waterway safety, and we have competent hands with management expertise.

“Don’t worry, because we are coming to destroy all your infrastructure in Abuja and Lagos. As a group advocating for the complete liberation of our people, we will destroy oil facilities both on land and at sea, and we will see that we are crippling the Nigerian economy. “

The group has nominated former Goodluck President Jonathan and Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike to mediate between her and the Nigerian government.

Any revolt in the South-South region will worsen the economic situation in the country as the bulk of Nigeria’s income comes from oil extracted from the area. It will also exacerbate the state of insecurity in a country already fighting rebellion and robbery.