Mike Tyson returns to AEW Dynamite with Chris Jericho, Inner Circle, The Pinnacle

‘The meanest man on the planet’ on Wednesday had his last in a long line of professional wrestling.

Mike Tyson appeared in a memorable release in the latest episode of Sunday’s wrestling TV show All Dynamite Wrestling ‘Dynamite’ on TNT in the US and FITE around the world.

The legendary former undisputed heavyweight boxing world champion made one of the most famous, if not the most famous wrestling events back in 1998, when he sided with Steve Austin’s ‘Stone Cold’ at the main event of WrestleMania 14, and has appeared many times since WWE and AEW television.

On Wednesday, he got involved in the story of a conflict between two warring factions against each other: Pinnacle, led by MJF and 1980s wrestling icon Tully Blanchard, and The Inner Circle, led by Tyson’s frequent enemy Chris Jericho.

This time, however, Tyson saved Jericho from a gang attack by Pinnacle, hitting Shawn Spears with shots to the head and body before Spears’ stable partners managed to pull him out of the ring and to safety until the rest of the Inner Circle finally managed to escape the room. in which they were imprisoned by their enemies.

Jericho and Tyson then buried the ax in the story by shaking hands. Also noted was the ‘Legends Only League’ T-shirt the boxer wore on the show, promoting his new project involving retired fellow stars returning to their sports.

Next month, the story of Inner Circle / Pinnacle becomes even more violent as they fight in a ‘Blood And Guts’ match, which longtime wrestling fans will recognize as a ‘War Games’ match. Meanwhile, Tyson is expected to follow up on his successful November show against Roy Jones Jr. with another show, perhaps in May, and perhaps against the infamous former rival for the Evander Holyfield title.