Mike Flanagan of Bly Manor has ‘no plans’ for future seasons

Mike Flanagan could have a lot in the next few years (see also: adapting every Stephen King story), but moving away from his favorite series of horror anthology Netflix after just two seasons would leave many viewers unfinished business, suffering-wise. Still, it seems to be the plan for Haunted Hill House i Haunted Bly Manor the creator, at least for now, according to his response to a fan inquiry about a possible third season Haunted on the streamer.

“We are not planning any more chapters at the moment. Never say never, of course, but we are currently focused on a whole host of other @intrepid projects for 2021 and beyond, ” Flanagan posted on Twitter on Wednesday. “If things change, we’ll let everyone know!”

To be honest, Flanagan just finished filming Midnight Mass for Netflix, a show about an isolated island community battling the seemingly supernatural rains of a newly arrived mysterious priest, followed by a television series based on Christopher Pike’s 1994 novel YA Midnight club, in which five terminally ill teenagers meet every night at a hospice in Rotterdam Home to tell a new horror story. Still, if someone wants to round out some ghosts with a tragically romantic or romantically tragic past and place them in the Elevator at Mike Flanagan’s house for inspiration, we won’t be angry about it.