Microsoft Leak confirms two new surface features

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop has made a name for itself as a state-of-the-art all-in-one, sitting nicely under the leading Surface Book and Surface Pro-focused mobility. It’s been 18 months since the update, and a new model is expected. We now have confirmation that the Surface Laptop 4 is on its way.

Details can be found in the Microsoft Download Center. Spotted by Twitter user Walking Cat, two pages for Surface Laptop 4 have been released; one for Intel-powered machines and the other for AMD machines. The pages were removed, but while they were published, the download links were inactive, and clicking on the Surface Laptop 4 product link took you to the generic Surface website.

The use of two processors should come as no surprise, as the Surface Laptop 3 offered four variants of Intel’s 10th generation Core processors, while the AMD Ryzen 3580u and 3780 debuted as options for the 15-inch model. This, too, will come as no surprise given the online discussions about using Intel’s 11th-generation chips and AMD’s Ryzen 400 series for upcoming laptops.

In addition, the site tells us a little more, apart from the simple fact that the naming convention will remain available, versions of Intel and AMD will be available, and Microsoft’s support team is gathering resources ahead of the hardware release.

Those who follow this will remember the Surface Laptop 2 debuting in October 2018 and the Surface Laptop 3 in October 2019. While performance so far is not a roadmap for future release dates, I wonder if the coronavirus pandemic may have knocked the launch off in October 2020. However, predictions are being built that the launch of the Surface Laptop 4 is imminent.

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