Microsoft is updating the Windows 10 system icons in Explorer

(Photo: Microsoft)

Microsoft is currently introducing a simplified layout for Windows 10 and includes slowly updating all the icons we regularly double-click. The latest choice for the new look are the system icons found in File Explorer.

Windows Insider presenter Amanda Langowski and self-effacing boss Nerd Brandon LeBlanc have detailed changes to a blog post on Windows Insider. We’ve already seen how the Windows Security, Narrator, and Notepad icons change. Now top-level user folders for desktop, documents, downloads, and images have a clearer look. Thinking about it, it will be easier to “separate them at first sight”.

Photo: Microsoft

Convincingly more important than customizing the design of top-level user folder icons is changing the Recycle Bin icon. It’s still very similar to the trash can we all know, but the level of detail is obviously increased, especially when it comes to all the crumpled paper it contains.

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For now, the new icons are limited to Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21343, but will eventually be filtered into the version of Windows 10 installed on all of our machines. Other note changes in this version include enhancements to Windows Sandbox and Microsoft Defender Application Guard, the Windows Administrative Tools directory now simply called “Windows Tools” and file renaming in File Explorer now support CTRL + left / right arrow keys for quick pressing move between words in the file name. CTRL + Delete and CTRL + Backspace can also be used to delete words at once.