Microsoft is testing xCloud streaming via a browser

Gaming and software giant Microsoft has apparently started testing its xCloud streaming technology via a browser.

That’s according to The Verge, which reports that this is now being tried ahead of a public test. This allows users to play their games through the browser. Not only does this mean that computer users will finally be able to try out Microsoft’s gaming streaming service; it also allows people who have an iPhone and iPad to access xCloud.

It looks like the browser version will be similar in functionality to the existing Android release, with users getting recommendations on what to try, as well as the ability to continue the games they played. There is no word yet on what resolution xCloud will stream games to consumers.

A browser version of the game will also be included in the Xbox app on Windows 10.

The ability to stream games through the browser is reminiscent of Google’s Stadia platform.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer said last year that people will be able to stream Game Pass titles on their computers in the future. This followed before the announcement that Big M would introduce a beta version for its xCloud service on PC in 2021.