Microsoft is testing xCloud streaming on a computer, iOS browsers: Verge

  • Microsoft launched its xCloud game streaming service for Android devices in September.
  • Employees are now testing a version of the service via a web browser, Verge reports.
  • This would allow people on PC and iOS devices to use the service to stream Xbox games.
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Microsoft is preparing to make its game streaming service available in web browsers, company sources told Verge.

Microsoft launched its xCloud game streaming service in September, allowing users to stream and play Xbox games on Android phones and tablets. Sources told Verge that Microsoft employees are currently testing a web version of xCloud before it appears in public.

The ability to play in the browser would allow players to use xCloud on PCs as well as on Apple devices that do not currently support the service.

An Apple spokesman said in August that the service was not allowed in the App Store because Apple would have to check that every game available on xCloud complied with its App Store rules.

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Players will still need an Xbox controller to play games in the xCloud version of the browser, which employees are testing on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, according to Verge.

Microsoft was not immediately available for comment when it was contacted by Insider, but the company announced on a blog in December that it planned to bring xCloud to iOS and PC in the spring of 2021.

Game transfer services are a major new battleground for gaming companies, and other major players, including PlayStation and Google, are trying to win market share.